Terms of Service

Procedure for a commission

Step 1: the choice of the pictures. It can be only one picture or a selection of pictures if you want to combine several elements on the drawing. The clearer the pictures, the more lifelike the drawing will be. If you send me the reference pictures by email, I'll ask the resolution of the pictures to be as high as possible. You can also send me the originals of the pictures at the time you order the commission and I'll give them back to you when I send you the drawing.

Step 2: Discussions about all the details of the commission in order to precisely estimate the price of the creation.

Step 3: I make a draft containing all the elements of the drawing and I send it to you by email along with a contract recapping all the terms of the commission. When we agree on the draft, you send the signed contract back to me (either by email or by snail mail) and you make a down payment corresponding to 30% of the creation price. After receiving the contract and the down payment, the commission is added to the commission schedule.

Step 4: I send you an email to let you know when I start working on the commission. The time needed to draw the creation depends on the style of drawing you've chosen, it will have been estimated in step 2. You'll have the possibility to follow the progression of the drawing either on aurelia-art.com if you have allowed its publication, or by email. This way, you'll be able to intervene if some slights modifications have to be done.

Step 5: When your drawing is completed, I send you an email with a tagged scan to know if there are modifications to do before fixing it.

Step 6: Once you've paid the balance due, I send you the drawing.

I'll be available to answer your questions all along the commission.


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