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FAQs - General questions about the gallery

At the beginning, drawings used to be done in about 10 hours. But, little by little, the drawings have become more and more detailed and the number of hours spent working on them has increased consequently. Since June 2005, time spent on each artwork is indicated in its legend.
Now, I need 7-8h to finish the sketches, 10 to 15h for the detailed sketches, about 25h for the semi realistic drawings and about 50h for the photo realistic drawings.

As explained in the page "Anatomy of a drawing", I often use a grid in order to keep precise proportions. "Freehand" simply means that, for the drawings in question, I didn't use a grid, I only looked at the reference picture and tried to reproduce it as lifelike as possible.

No, hot linking is not allowed. If you want to post (on a website or a forum) a link to a drawing, please link the home page or the section of this site that contains the drawing you're interested in.

You have to ask me permission first, by sending me an email containing the address of your website.

If I allowed you to do so (see above), you must observe the following conditions:

  • Put a link to this website and give me proper credit.
  • IMPORTANT: the drawings displayed on other websites must be exhibited "as is", without any kind of tamporing, meaning: do not trim the drawing AND do not erase the mention "ACC" as well as the site's tag.
  • You must copy the drawings on your own website. Please avoid linking the drawings from this site directly, as it uses a lot of bandwidth.