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Illustrations for Adrian Best's 1st book

In February 2018, I was contacted by Adrian Best about drawing one or two illustrations for a book he was writing. After these first 2 creations, we worked together again and again until June 2020, ending up creating 12 illustrations for that first book. Some were made from scratch or based on reference pictures and some were graphite renditions of existing concepts. During the editing process, only 5 were included in the book. It was published in January 2022 and Adrian gave me the permission to show these 5 drawings as well as all the others, except one that will be used for the next book and I chose not to show you 2 of them (concepts). So, a big thank you to Adrian for letting me publish them on my website.

Here are the book details: Adrian Best, God’s Great Embrace: Discovering Deeper Intimacy with Jesus (Port Orchard, Washington: Ark House, 2022) - website:

Disclaimer: This is the 1st time I publish drawings that deal with religion, and they are published in the "Commissions" gallery only to show you what kind of artworks I can work on. They are not shown in the order they were done. The first drawings we created together were "regular" illustrations and when we got to religious ones, I made it clear to Adrian that I was not a believer and he didn't mind working with someone who didn't share his beliefs. So, please be as open-minded as we both were when you look at the drawings, whether you share the ideas expressed by Adrian in the drawings or just enjoy my work in general.

All the drawings were done in a photo realistic style, using graphite on watercolor hot pressed paper. The size of paper was 26x36 cm or 30x40 cm. All the licences needed for the use of reference pictures were dealt with by Adrian.


Drawings published in the book

The following drawings are protected by copyright

Art Drawing - Adrian Best book 1 - Woman within cross


"Woman within cross"
Graphite replica of the image on the book's front cover

Art Drawing - Adrian Best book 1 - Amelie's Portrait


"Amelie's Portrait"

Art Drawing - Adrian Best book 1 - Infinity Triangle


"Infinity Triangle"

Art Drawing - Adrian Best book 1 - Jesus showing compassion


"Jesus showing compassion"
Depiction of Jesus showing compassion to a woman in need

Art Drawing -  Adrian Best book 1 - Hudson Taylor


"Hudson Taylor"
Drawing of missionary Hudson Taylor writing to his sister in England (setting is imagined)

Drawings not published in the book

Art Drawing - Adrian Best book 1 - Orphan and the Prince


"Orphan and the Prince"
Based on my drawing "I would have gone with you to the end" (Aragorn & Frodo) 

Art Drawing - Adrian Best book 1 -


"Sanctification timeline"

Art Drawing - Adrian Best book 1 -  Jesus suffering in Gethsemane


"Jesus suffering in Gethsemane"

Art Drawing - Adrian Best book 1 - Jesus sharing himself with us


"Jesus sharing himself with us"