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New Kids On The Block, May 2014

If you're a regular visitor of the website, you have probably noticed the numerous drawings of Donnie Wahlberg and other NKOTB members done these past 2 years. I started doing them in 2012 when I heard about the reunion of the band (that took place in 2008. Yeah, I was late) and I'm still so happy about it that you can expect more. Truth is, I've been a fan since the release of "You got it (the right stuff)" in France and this year, thanks to the European Tour 2014, I've finally had the opportunity to see my favorite band on stage not once, but 3 times (in Paris, Zurich and Frankfurt). A long time dream come true. And wow, let me tell you they really kick ass!!! <3
But beside the awesome experience of seeing them perform live, I also finally got to meet some of my lovely friends. The autographs below wouldn't have been possible without one of them. Zoë first helped me win a Meet & Greet with Danny Wood in Zurich where I could ask him to sign a print of his portrait and then, she asked Donnie Wahlberg to sign for me a print I had actually offered her. She's just too adorable.
So, thanks to Danny and Donnie for the autographs but also, thank you so much, Zoë! <3

Danny Wood autograph - NKOTB European Tour - Zurich, May 2014 Donnie Wahlberg autograph - NKOTB  European Tour - Frankfurt, May 2014