Anatomy of a Drawing

Step 1 Time: 7 hours

Pencils used: 7H, mechanical pencil H

Art Drawing – Tutorial - Making of Anakin Skywalker Portrait - Step 1

Here you can see the result of the first step which consists in drawing a preliminary sketch as precise as possible. This is, for me, the most difficult step and that’s why I use a grid (2x2cm, drawn with a 7H pencil) to keep the proportions.

Once the grid is done both on the model and on my paper, I start drawing the most important lines in a rough way (outline of the eyes, of the nose, of the mouth and of the face, the hair, the costume). Then I start working more precisely on the face until everything is perfectly placed. This step is essential because if I don’t manage, right from the beginning, to render expressive eyes or to draw the nose as it should be, I won’t go further. All along this step, I erase the lines of the grid as I go along, being careful to place the main shadows (around the nose, the eyes and the mouth) that will be my new marks for the next steps.

Then I begin drawing Anakin’s hair. I usually only place the main hair locks but in Anakin’s case, I worked with a high resolution picture (a real pleasure!) that allowed me to make a precise sketch of the locks right from the start. I keep the simplest thing for the end, which is the costume, once again being careful to place the main shadows as future references.

And now, as Anakin would say, "Let the fun begin!" It’s time to get going on my favorite part: the shading work or to be more down-to-earth, the coloring.