Anatomy of a Drawing

Step 2 Time: 7 hours

Pencils used: mechanical pencils 2H, H, HB, B, 2B and classical pencils: 4B

Art Drawing – Tutorial - Making of Anakin Skywalker Portrait - Step 2

You may be surprised by the drawing evolution during the steps that will follow but I’ll try to explain my way of doing it. ;)

Having a preliminary sketch as detailed as possible allows me to tackle the filling in a surer way and also allows me to start wherever. A lot of people start by drawing the eyes, the nose and have a kind of progression from the centre of the face to the outside of the drawing. What do I do differently? I know that if, in step 1, the main features of the face were well done, there’s no reason they will become a problem later and, being right-handed, working on the left part of the drawing, I risk ruining all the work I might have previously done by rubbing my hand on the graphite. So I prefer moving diagonally on my sheet in order for my hand to (almost) never be in contact with a finished part.

Anakin’s hair

I first draw the darkest locks with a 2B pencil or even a 4B if I need a really dark tone. Then, I draw the other locks little by little decreasing the rank of the pencil: B, HB, H. Even the lightest hair locks are not totally white and contain little pencil strokes done with 2H. All the locks are made up by pencil strokes more or less long and more or less close, there’s no "coloring". If I think the hair lacks relief (because I haven’t made enough light locks for example), I use some Blu-Tack to create some light effects within some locks.

As you can notice it, around the mouth, the drawing is a little dirty. As the quality of the printed version of the picture was not good enough, I sat in front of my computer with my drawing on my knees just the time to place the main lines with the 2B pencil. I had forgotten to protect the drawing (big mistake) and without paying attention, I rubbed my hand on the sheet. It didn’t really matter as it was only a few lines but what if I had spent several hours working on the eyes and the nose and I had ruined everything just for half an hour spent in front of my screen. It illustrates pretty well what I said before.