Happy New Year & Best Wishes

Happy New Year and best wishes to all of you. May 2022 bring you all you desire.

I hope you enjoyed visiting the website this year and that you'll keep on following the new works in progress, be they for original creations or fanarts.

Just a few things for the new visitors:
- all the information about personalized drawing commissions and the other products can be found on the page "Terms of Service"
- all the artworks available as original and prints are listed on the page "Originals for Purchase"
- you can get vouchers for the order of an original of a drawing or a personalized drawing commission of 100 euros or more (total amount before shipping fees and possible publishing rights). For an order from 100 to 199 euros, you get a voucher worth 10 euros. For an order of 200 euros or more, you get a voucher worth 20 euros.
- you can also follow the works in progress (and spread the word about the drawings) on the following plateforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

One last thing. Each year, the shipping rates of French post office change so I'll update the website with the new shipping rates in the coming days.