Golden Waterlily

Sorry for the lack of updates on the website these past weeks, I was busy preparing material for my very first exhibition that's taking place next weekend at the festival "Natur' Varennis" in Varennes-lès-Mâcon and I'm still working on private commissions. The drawing below as well as all the drawings added in the "Nature" gallery lately were actually all done for that exhibition.

Art Drawing - Golden Waterlily - Flower - Nature
An original drawing in the "Nature" gallery.
Time to draw: 6 hours

Like for "Silver Tulips", I'm not satisfied with the way my scanner renders the drawing so for now, only the original of the drawing is available; no print. If you're interested in buying it, please contact me.


If you also are interested in a personalized drawing commission, all the information about commissions can be found in the "Terms of Service". And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.