1 Million visits - Limited offer on prints

This week, the website reached an amount of 1 million visits since its launching in 2004. An opportunity to once again thank you for your support and your interest in my drawings over the past 10 years.
To celebrate the 1.000.000th visit, here is a special offer on prints. Don't waste time, it's only available for a few days!

"Buy 1 print, get 1 fanart print for FREE"

Details: Until Sunday (November 2nd, 2004), every time you purchase an A4 or A3 print of an original creation (check the "Originals for purchase" page to see the drawings in question), you can choose a print of the same size among the selection of fanarts below. When you contact me to order a print, just give me the number of the fanart you're interested in. You can get up to 3 free prints per order placed.

Click on the image to see the selection of fanarts you can choose from, and you can also click on the numbers below the image to display the corresponding fanarts in full size.

Note: The prints are a gift and you are not allowed to sell them for copyright reasons.

special offer on fanarts

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